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Index of English first lines

FIS  Fahrt ins Staublose / Out Beyond This Realm of Dust

FUV  Flucht und Verwandlung / Flight and Metamorphosis

IDWDT In den Wohnungen des Todes / In the Habitations of Death

S  Sternverdunkelung / Star Eclipse

TDN Teile dich Nacht /O Night, Divide

UNWW Und Niemand weiß weiter / And No One Knows the Way Onward

A Revelation’-dream TDN 47

A candelabra-bloom of flame     S 36

A planetary sleepwalker is orbiting his star   FUV 39

A point may come UNWW 36

A punch behind the hedge TDN 41

A questionable calling this     UNWW 50

A shaft of evening light TDN 9

A sheaf of lightning-strikes     FUV 52

A shrill voice  NFTDL 30

A stroll around the park -    NFTDL 15

A world asleep: black waters TDN 31

Abraham the Angel!      UNWW 26

Affliction sings TDN 19

Again the skeletons  TDN 21

All time all space awaits     UNWW 51

Alone     NFTDL 16

Already held within the arms     IDWDT 9

Already there’s a rainbow-rustle    FUV 28

Always at a scene of childhood death    S 29

Always the same      UNWW 45

An aged couple   NFTDL 19

An end but only as regards this earthly room   FUV 43

And everywhere the same     FUV 24

And Jacob, after he had wrestled in the blazing gloom UNWW32

And Metatron, the highest of the angels   UNWW 32

And the revelation-angels     FUV 53

And then each heart-beat was a hammer blow  UNWW 31

Angel, patron of the praying     S 2

Angels of the thinnest place    S 45

Apocalypse      FIS 1

Are graves a respite for our yearning grief?   UNWW 16

As the closing day      S 39

As you gave birth to these     UNWW 1

At dawn the fresh dream-minted currency of night  UNWW 22

At evening your gaze expands    S 40

At the gillyflower grave     FUV 21

At what offence TDN 8

Awoken by the echo of a songbird   UNWW 15

Before the wall of words – is silence TDN 4

Behind the eyelid      UNWW 47

Behind the lips     FUV 48

‘Behold my messenger, whom I send on ahead’ UNWW 10

Behold the power of dreams     UNWW 42

Betrothed before the world began   NFTDL 12

Between TDN 34

Between your eyebrows     FUV 10

Beyond the edges of the world they wait   UNWW 21

Biblical tradition   NFTDL 23

Black: the primary colour TDN 45

But how in all the mist    FUV 37

But in the night     S 41

But take a something      UNWW 43

But TDN 27

But the sunflower  NFTDL 27

But who knows?     FUV 12

But who then emptied the sand from your shoes  IDWDT 4

But your wells      S 15

Cain! Because of you, we’re plunged    UNWW 13

Clairvoyant TDN 33

Concealed despair   NFTDL 4

Dancer       FUV 8

Daniel, Daniel       S 14

Daniel, who knew infinity     UNWW 28

David chosen sinner     FUV 15

Death – I yearn for you TDN 20

Death I bathe within      FUV 44

Death still celebrates   NFTDL 11

Death-suckled infancy     FIS 2

Drawn by starry dreams     UNWW 4

Driven out       FUV 20

Dusk        S 30

Dust-icon       S 47

Each salty wave a calf-lick from the healing sea  UNWW 55

Each time TDN 39

Earth        S 6

Earth, King Lear among the planets   UNWW 9

Ebb and flow together strike a chord    UNWW 3

Electric yearning      FUV 45

Enough, you lands, of being on the map   UNWW 17

Eternity TDN 17

Eternity: a pearl again well hidden in the shell  UNWW 52

Even the old men’s thin breath    IDWDT 5

Everything is half-bewitched     UNWW 20

Everything is hard TDN 42

Everywhere hints of salvation     S 43

Exile-steps       UNWW 6

Extremity will surely make a shift   NFTDL 26

Eyes shut  NFTDL 29

Flame-like, at times      S 44

Footsteps       S 4

For the fugitive      FUV 7

Foreboding TDN 24

From the desert sand you have retrieved your home  S 34

‘Gone’       S 31

Hair, my hair       UNWW 18

Half lullaby TDN 36

Hallelujah      FUV 26

Hands       IDWDT 8

Hanging from the bush Despair   NFTDL 32

Have you then heard of me TDN 28

Here and there       UNWW 14

Here below: this weaponry     UNWW 18

Here I have you trapped TDN 26

Here is no further stay     FUV 22

Here proceeding to your calvary    FUV 46

Here, where I foundered     UNWW 54

Here: the planetary hour of flight    UNWW 3

His pen, his scalpel cut     UNWW 30

Holiest of all       FUV 6

How feather-light the earth will be    FUV 3

How lonely human life is   NFTDL 40

How many ages      FUV 31

How to read the riddling signs? TDN 25

How to read the rune that Mother Nature   S 22

How wonderful   NFTDL 3

Hunter       FUV 4

I do not know the fullness   NFTDL 36

I no longer know     FIS 4

I saw you again      UNWW 53

I’ll not sing you battle-hymns, my people   S 49

If I only knew       IDWDT 18

Impregnable       FUV 14

In a place of music     UNWW 9

In the blue beyond      UNWW 14

In the grey of dawn      IDWDT 17

In the market       FIS 5

In the women's ward   NFTDL 1

Insanity: a cancelled   NFTDL 14

Israel, just another people once   S 21

Israel, why the black answer of hate     S 16

Israel, you’re no mere land     UNWW 24

It’s here decreed      FUV 19

Jacob swung his sickle     FUV 25

Late firstborn!       UNWW 25

Leonardo TDN 13

Like creatures of mist      S 44

Line like living hair      FUV 38

Love moves mountains TDN 38

Mid-century - the year mounts   NFTDL 6

Miraculous   NFTDL 24

Mother-love       FUV 23

Mother-water       UNWW 29

Mourning our old negotiated settlement with death  S 51

Music in the ears of those who’re dying   S 48

My dead TDN 49

My mother    IDWDT 6

New-born fiery child     FUV 9

Night fell: a coffin full of prayer   NFTDL 38

Night TDN 29

Night, banners       UNWW 23

Night, night       S 3

Night-sky ark, remembrance-box    S 18

No! Don’t ask those newly snatched    S 25

None but lovers are immune     S 9

Not being gods, we cannot read the stars   UNWW 8

Not being hooked      FUV 36

Now Abraham attempts to tame    S 33

O Holy Land       S 32

O how empty gentle dusk would seem   FUV 47

O Israel       S 11

O Melusine, without the wellspring    UNWW 19

O mother, now you know the meaning of it all  UNWW 44

O my children       IDWDT 32

O my mother      S 37

O night divide TDN 51

O night of the children’s grief     IDWDT 3

O nomad sister      UNWW 46

O open wide the white gates   NFTDL 34

O other eye TDN 30

O the chimneys      IDWDT 1

O the homeless colours of the evening sky!   S 27

O you animals!      S 7

O you ex-citizen of moon-sealed Ur   S 10

O you weeping heart of the world!   S 5

O you wind-rose on the map of grief!    S 13

O, all you on earth that are hunted!    IDWDT 29

O, golem death!      S 8

O, to die right through, as birds fly through the air  UNWW 17

Oblivion: pelt       UNWW 19

Obsessed with sheer devotion TDN 3

On and on       FUV 33

On the utmost tip of a spit of land   NFTDL 8

One moment nothing     FIS 4

One there was    IDWDT 7

Only see only see      FUV 11

Only turn the corner   NFTDL 28

Our arrows miss the mark   NFTDL 35

Our prayers are detours TDN 46

Our souls have gone wilfully deaf    IDWDT 11

Outside my window in the sand   NFTDL 2

Outside my window TDN 50

Pain: a scribble   NFTDL 37

Peeping from behind a veil - black skin, bright eyes -    NFTDL 31

Peoples of the earth      S 50

Primaeval night     FIS 3

Princess, ice-coffined   NFTDL 10

Pupation-time   NFTDL 18

Released from sleep      FUV 54

Rescued as we are      FUV 18

Saul the king, abandoned by the Spirit, splutters  S 20

Say instead of throwing stones TDN 1

Say the prophets came    S 12


Secrecy TDN 44

See this snow-flower   NFTDL 5

Sharp-eyed Samuel saw     S 19

She dances -    NFTDL 21

She glides in melancholy orbit   NFTDL 7

Should a stranger arrive     FUV 32

Skewered by the unicorn     FUV 50

Sleep slipped me through the starry mob   UNWW 56

Sleep weaves the Holy-Spirit net    FUV 29

So deep cast down TDN 5

So far out into the open     FUV 5

So many seas soaked into sand    UNWW 41

So many seeds of light   NFTDL 25

So step by step   NFTDL 17

So the soul slips free      UNWW 11

So there you lie TDN 40

Someone will come and take the ball away   FUV 16

Spirit squats here TDN 7

Still midnight on this star     UNWW 27

Suddenly the dead strike up their flute-bone music TDN15

Sun-filled mist above the lake     UNWW 12

‘Synagoga’ TDN 43

The children lie      S 26

The darker shadows slowly gathered     IDWDT 13

The earthly act of parting, once    S 24

The evening and the dead conceal TDN 14

The fingers that now guide the pen TDN 48

The flight is TDN 35

The forsakenness of things     UNWW 2

The glory of the dusk affords TDN 11

The goal: whilst still earth-bound TDN 23

The mountain tops TDN 32

The murderous constellation TDN 12

The navel cord is slapped     UNWW 49

The soul has pitched a tent     FUV 41

The swamp of sickness TDN 54

The trauma of the tribe   NFTDL 22

The way a mountain fills   NFTDL 41

Then she unwraps, as if from linen sheets   UNWW 31

There in the pile, my love     IDWDT 14

There, in the star-folds, they stand    S 23

These cryptic seashell-echoes: TDN 22

These no longer clamour TDN 18

These times      FUV 30

This amethyst is layered     FIS 7

This chain of riddles   NFTDL 39

This chance mix      FUV 17

This is Sodom’s dark breath     FUV 2

This land, God’s signature-creation    UNWW 25

Thus I plunged headlong out of speech   FUV 55

To sense beneath the lines we’ve scribbled in its dust FUV 49

To take just one more step TDN 10

Tonight it seems that every seam has frayed   UNWW 36

Torment, time-measure of an alien star   IDWDT 16

Turned aside       FUV 51


Two hands shining in the moonless dark: TDN 16

Unique already   NFTDL 13

Wailing-wall night      IDWDT 27

We are so raw      S 25

We bystanders hang back   NFTDL 9

We migrants      IDWDT 21

We mothers       S 28

We orphans      IDWDT 22

We rescued ones      IDWDT 20

We shadows, O we shadows!     IDWDT 24

We stars, we stars      IDWDT 26

We stones       IDWDT 25

We, from the black sun of dread    IDWDT 23

We, the unborn       IDWDT 31

We’re full of sighs, full of gazing    IDWDT 28

We’re gardeners who lack the necessary flowers  IDWDT 30

We’ve dragged our heirlooms off    UNWW 15

What  traces linger      FIS 6

What a who-knows-what     UNWW 48

What darknesses      FUV 40

What further purpose      UNWW 7

What kind of smoking world TDN 37

What secret blood-cravings    IDWDT 10

What then ascended from the crinkled parchment  UNWW 40

What will you make of me   NFTDL 33

When a fugitive goes through the mystery   FUV 42

When lightning struck      UNWW 12

When sleep like smoke invades the flesh   S 1

When the moon in early summer sends out secret signs S 51

When you make yourself     IDWDT 2

When your forms turned to ash    S 23

Where to, O, to what true end    S 42


White snake      FUV 39

Who knows what magic’s secretly enacted here?  S 46

Whoever dies here last     FUV 1

Who's calling?   NFTDL 20

Wind, a rustle       UNWW 11

With age the body’s wrapped around    FUV 13

With wild honey      UNWW 38

Without a compass     FUV 34

You by night       FIS 2

You daughters of this Holy Land    S 35

You onlookers       IDWDT 12

You remember how the footprint filled with death  IDWDT 15

You sit beside the window     S 38

You, scanning the desert     S 36

Your departure      UNWW 39

Your eye is hungry TDN 6

Your eyes, O my love      IDWDT 19


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